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  • Blessed Sacrament
    The Blessed Sacrament, also Most Blessed Sacrament, is a devotional name used in the Latin Church of the Catholic Church, as well as in Anglicanism, Lutheranism, Methodism, and the Old Catholic Church, as well as in some of the Eastern Catholic Churches, to refer to the body and blood of Christ in the form of consecrated sacramental bread and wine at a celebration of the Eucharist. In the Byzantine Rite, the terms Holy Gifts and Divine Mysteries are used to refer to the consecrated elements.
  • Blessed by a Broken Heart
    Blessed by a Broken Heart were a Canadian rock band from Montreal, Quebec. Formed in 2003, the band's last lineup consisted of vocalist/rhythm guitarist Sam Ryder, lead guitarist "Shred" Sean Maier, bassist Tyler Hoare, and drummer and keyboardist Slater.
  • Blessed Trinity Roman Catholic College
    Blessed Trinity RC College is a mixed 11 to 16 voluntary aided Roman Catholic faith school in Burnley, Lancashire, England.
  • Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, Hollywood
    Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church is a parish in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles located on Sunset Boulevard in the heart of Hollywood, California. The church today serves an urban, multiethnic community and is known for, among other things, its gay and lesbian ministry and its many outreach programs, including programs to assist the poor.
  • Blessed Martyrs of Drina
    The Blessed Martyrs of Drina are the professed Sisters of the Congregation of the Daughters of Divine Charity, who lost their lives during World War II. Four were killed when they jumped out of a window in Goražde on 15 December 1941, reportedly to avoid being raped by Chetniks, and the last was killed by the Chetniks in Sjetlina the following week. The five nuns were later declared martyrs and beatified by Pope Benedict XVI (delegated to Cardinal Angelo Amato) on 24 September 2011.

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  • Blessed sword and hat
    The blessed sword and the blessed hat (also: ducal hat, Latin: pileus or capellus, Italian: berrettone pontificio or berrettone ducale) were a gift offered by popes to Catholic monarchs or other secular recipients in recognition of their defence of Christendom. Each pair was blessed by a pope on Christmas Eve in St.
  • Blessed (Flavour N'abania album)
    Blessed is the third studio album by Nigerian singer Flavour N'abania. It was released on October 18, 2012, by 2nite Entertainment.
  • Blessed & Possessed
    Blessed & Possessed is the sixth studio album by the German power metal band Powerwolf, released on 17 July 2015 by Napalm Records. The band wrote it during 2014 and began recording it in January 2015 at the Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden, and was produced by Fredrik Nordström.
  • Blessid Union of Souls
    Blessid Union of Souls is an American alternative rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio that was formed in 1990 by friends Jeff Pence and Eliot Sloan. The band's first studio album, Home, had some success which lay with its lead single, "I Believe".

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