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  • Cuteness
    Cuteness is a subjective term describing a type of attractiveness commonly associated with youth and appearance, as well as a scientific concept and analytical model in ethology, first introduced by Konrad Lorenz. Lorenz proposed the concept of baby schema , a set of facial and body features, that make a creature appear "cute" and activate ("release") in others the motivation to care for it.
  • Cute Is What We Aim For
    Cute Is What We Aim For is an American rock band from Buffalo, New York. The band formed in 2005, and have since released two albums: The Same Old Blood Rush with a New Touch and Rotation.
  • Cute (Japanese idol group)
    Cute , was a Japanese idol girl group associated with Hello! Project and produced by Tsunku.
  • Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!
    Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! (美男高校地球防衛部Love!, Binan Kōkō Chikyū Bōei-bu LOVE!, lit.
  • Cute (Japanese idol group) discography
    The discography of the Japanese idol group Cute consists of 23* singles, 7 studio albums, and 1 compilation album. Beginning with the Cute's major debut back in 2007, all its singles* reached the Top 10 in the Oricon Weekly Chart.

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  • Cuterebra fontinella
    Cuterebra fontinella, the mouse bot fly, is a species of New World skin bot fly in the family Oestridae. C. fontinella is a species of fly that develops by parasitizing nutrients from its host, typically the white-footed mouse.
  • Cutie Honey
    Cutie Honey is a Japanese Shonen manga series written and illustrated by Go Nagai. First appearing in Weekly Shōnen Champion's 41st issue of 1973, the series ran until April 1974.
  • Cutie Honey: The Live
    Cutie Honey: The Live is a Japanese tokusatsu production of the popular Cutie Honey manga and anime series, chiefly directed by Makoto Yokoyama and written primarily by Toshiki Inoue. It began airing on TV Tokyo on October 2, 2007.
  • Cutie Honey (film)
    Cutie Honey is a 2004 Japanese tokusatsu (live-action) film directed by Hideaki Anno. It is an adaptation of the 1970s manga and anime series Cutie Honey.
  • Cutie Honey Flash
    Cutie Honey Flash is a 1997-1998 anime television series in the Cutie Honey franchise. In its native Japan, the series assumed the timeslot of Sailor Stars, the final story arc of the long-running Sailor Moon anime.

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